7 Things You Can’t Miss in Ireland

When we planned the trip to Ireland, my friend and I talked about our different options: go on our own or go with a travel group. We stumbled on a company who does all of the planning for you and included flights. It seemed like an easy decision, so we went with it. It was even better that the trip was surrounding St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin! EF College Break was a great experience and I recommend it to first-time travelers or people planning a trip but don’t want to travel alone.

1. Killarney and The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is indescribably beautiful. Make sure you check out the sheep herding shows, the views of the Atlantic Ocean, and soak in the beautiful landscape. When they tell you Ireland is very green, they weren’t kidding! 

2. People Watch in Cork, Ireland
You can get away with visiting Cork for a day trip. I’m sure there is a lot to do and see, but my favorite part was people watching. There were so many street performers and interesting outfits. I just sat outside with an Irish coffee and watched people interact and hustle through the city.

3. Kiss the Blarney Stone

Although there isn’t a lot to do surrounding the iconic Blarney Castle, kissing the Blarney Stone is a must-do. It is said to give you the “gift of gab,” and the sweet Irish man that helps you is worth the visit.

4. Learn How to Pour the Perfect Pint

You can’t go to Dublin and NOT visit the Guinness Factory. I’m not a huge Guinness fan, but after learning how to pour the perfect pint I enjoyed every sip. I haven’t had a pint of Guinness since because I’ll always cherish the moment I actually enjoyed it!

5. Have a Drink at the Famous Temple Bar
The Temple Bar is located in Temple Bar district – easy to remember! If there is a line at one bar, walk around to the back to a different bar or to the bar behind that bar. The layout and the outdoor/indoor landscape make this the perfect place to enjoy happy hour. After all, any hour in Ireland is happy if you have a drink (according to one of the bartenders).

6. Eat Fish and Chips in Galway
Galway is so quaint and beautiful. It’s located right on the water and has amazing fish and chips! I recommend ordering some after a few days of beef stew and potatoes.

7. See the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare
If you’re a Harry Potter fan or a fan of beautiful landscapes, you cannot go to Ireland and skip a trip to the Cliffs of Moher. The pictures speak for themselves, but they’ll never capture the true beauty.

My next trip to Ireland will be a road trip and I hope to spend more time in Dublin. While I was only in Dublin for 2 days, they were spent celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. I’d like to go back and check out Bray and the Jameson Factory Tour in either Cork or Dublin.

Share with me: what are your favorite places in Ireland?

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