Cons to Traveling with a Travel Company

After my trip to Ireland with EF College Break, I decided that my next time abroad would be on my own to try something new. During my time living in Thailand, I traveled solo to many places and found myself benefitting from this style of travel.  This “style” being the exact opposite of my trip to Ireland.  These experiences have only helped me gain better insight to why, when, and where I would like to travel with a company.

You can read about the PROS OF TRAVELING WITH A TOUR GROUP if you’re interested in trying something new or going abroad for the first time.

Here are the cons for traveling with a company

1. Little Flexibility
Most companies have a planned itinerary with occasional extra excursions on “free days.” But, you’re expected to be in certain places at certain times to keep the tour moving. Your days are jam-packed.

2. Busy Days
This is really dependent on the type of traveler you are.  I like to see a lot but have a day or two to relax and take it easy.  Others like to be “go-go-go” and see everything from sunrise to sunset. And some people like to lounge around and have an extra relaxing vacation. If you’re more likely wanting a very relaxing, slow paced, trip, DO NOT go with a tour group. You’re up early and moving through each stop very quickly.

3. Rushing Through
Because you’re on a tight schedule, soaking in all that the Louvre has to offer will not be done in the 1-4 hours your tour has set aside. What if you’re doing a hike with an incredible view and want to enjoy your lunch for an extended period of time? Too bad. Your group is on schedule to check-in to the next hotel in 2 hours! You have to go.

4. You’re an “off-the-beaten path” Kind of Person
It’s very rare that a tour group will take you outside of the major sight-seeing stops. You could be missing out on the coolest coffee shop down a random alley 5 blocks away.

Enjoying an afternoon drink in Brussels, Belgium.

Enjoying an afternoon drink in Brussels, Belgium.

5. You’re on a Strict Budget
The convenience of a tour company planning everything for you is nice. But if money is an issue, that trip may be cheaper if you do enough research and planning. You can stay in a hostel, or skip out on a museum or show that doesn’t interest you and save the money for something more your style.

6. You’ll Need to Plan Another Trip to See Things You Missed
Traveling through a city too quickly may spark interest in places you weren’t originally interested in.  If you want to see these places in more detail, you have to plan another trip (flights, accommodations, etc.) to go back and visit. At that point, you wouldn’t go back with a tour group – you’d probably do it on your own!

Share with me – What were the best companies you’ve gone through?  Did they cover the destination in enough detail?

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